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Top 10 Live Dealer Casino Games To Try In Your Favorite Malaysia Online Casino

Playing the top 10 Malaysia online casino games can be a tricky job with all the regulations and laws in place. The best part is that online gambling in Malaysia is not regulated, so anyone can do it freely without breaking the law. Some other laws can be a bit confusing, but none of them targets online gambling. All in all, with apps like 918Kiss, SCR888, SKY3888 or any other Malaysia mobile online casino, the market is still relatively new and many games you can find in western casinos are still not available yet.

Now, what are the most popular options when interested in trying your luck or getting some entertainment from this experience?

1. Baccarat

The introduction of technology in all areas of our lives has only added to this need for mutual trust. In our current society technology has become integral in almost all walks of life. It has provided us with far better means of communication and created many new methods to evaluate and prove trustworthiness. However, it has also shrunk distances and today we think nothing of a business relationship with someone or a company on another continent. This has meant a growing reliance on communication through machines. Actual meetings have become rare. While this has led to unprecedented growth for many businesses, it has also meant that earning and maintaining a client’s trust has become that much more important and difficult. In face to face meetings a misunderstanding or problem could be rectified on the spot through discussion, something that is difficult to achieve through digital communication. In the technological world, lost trust is almost impossible to regain.

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It is surprisingly easy because of the limited variety of possibilities - Banker, player or tie. However, it is only a matter of time until more and more people will get it and start crushing it. To lots of people, baccarat is like computing. It involves lots of thinking and it makes the player mysterious and clever.

Gambling is an experience involving lots of good luck, but baccarat also brings in skill. It is one of those games where skill and luck meet and win money. At first, the game was insignificant when compared to sports betting Malaysia or blackjack, yet it keeps gaining players. Given the legal restrictions in Malaysia, it took online casinos a while to gain some courage and bring in more popular card games. Malaysians can also explore it on international betting websites.

2. Blackjack

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Blackjack is available in literally every Malaysia live dealer online casino. You can join a slot Malaysia casino and still find the option to play blackjack. At some point or another, everyone in the western world has played blackjack at some point or another. Given the increasing popularity of online casinos in Malaysia, the game is likely to take everyone over as well. Locals can even join a live casino Malaysia and see an actual person as a dealer for a more authentic experience. It is the closest you can get to the real casino experience, as gambling is normally not allowed – just online.

All in all, blackjack is so popular because it is easy to understand – no experience needed. It is a basic game that may barely take a few minutes. The good news about online gambling is that you can also find various strategies for higher odds of winning. Luck does play an important role in the process, indeed, yet a bit of experience will also help.

Some kids may have played blackjack before even knowing it, as it represents an adult version of the 21 games. There are more variations on the market right now and each casino may have its own, so double check the rules first.

The game is so popular that even the one and only traditional casino allowed in Malaysia has it as its main gambling game.

3. Slot Games

Slot games and slot machines represent some of the most popular games in both offline and online casinos. After all, join a Malaysia online casino slot games will be everywhere on the page – graphics, offers, bonuses, free spins and so on. Believe it or not, many online casinos in Malaysia have started up with nothing but slots.

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It is said that history repeats itself and when it comes to online gambling, Malaysia makes no exception either. The first casino went online in 1996. It only had 11 games back then. It sounds funny, but all 11 were slot games. This aspect itself should give you some hints about how popular these games still are today.

Online slots Malaysia do not require any knowledge and experience, yet a little experience might help. The best part about going online (not that you could do it offline in Malaysia apart from one casino anyway) is that you have dozens of different varieties of this game. You can literally find a theme about anything. Moreover, there are multiple winning combinations, rules and bonuses to take advantage of.

4. Video Poker

The best live dealer online casino Malaysia will always have video poker, which allows you to see the dealer doing everything. It feels like being right there at the table, so the experience is authentic and unique. Not every casino has it though, yet the industry is still relatively new in the country.

While poker is synonymous to gambling, the truth is that it tends to lose some popularity in front of other games. It is easy to tell why. You have a scenario with a retro table and five cards. You do not have the shiny lights or the glamorous colors of other games, like slot machines. And the looks do matter!

However, Malaysian casinos keep it classic at times, so the oldest game in the books is available pretty much everywhere. The best part about it is that a little strategy can and will help. If you are clever, you might actually go offline with more money in your pocket. Just like you have probably guessed already, a decent amount of luck is also involved.

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5. Roulette

Whether you feel lucky or you simply want the experience of a classic casino game, roulette might be the ideal solution for you. Roulette is in the same category with poker when it comes to classic casinos. On the same note, every trusted online casino Malaysia will have roulette among its main games – even more varieties of the same game.

Roulette is basic and requires no experience. At least this is how most newbies see it. Once you gain experience, you realize that it is more than choosing your lucky number and color. For Malaysians who were not allowed offline gambling for so many years, discovering roulette can be an exciting process. With time, the best players will dig deeper and calculate odds, as well as the game spread. They will look at the previous numbers and even go with their guts.

live roulette

Skill? Not so much. Intuition? Maybe! This is what roulette is about. From many points of view, roulette is a game for those who like to take risks and win.

6. Poker

Poker is the father of all games in every Malaysia online casino. Even betting casinos like SBOBet will have some games and poker will never miss. To a beginner, poker is about good luck and trusting guts. To a more experienced player, poker is about reading people. If you have ever watched professionals playing pocket, you have probably noticed already how careful they are with their emotions. They wear hats and hoodies, as well as sunglasses. You cannot really do that in Malaysia – at least not for now.

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When it comes to going online, the story is completely different. Some might say it is even more difficult. You are still trying to play others, but you cannot see any features, reactions or faces. At this point, you would have to figure someone else's strategy according to how they play their cards. Moreover, online poker is more about remembering cards and figuring what else is in the game.

Either way, this game implies thinking. Although this trend is more common in western countries, it looks like online casinos in Malaysia also bring in more and more types of poker for entertainment. For example, you can find Texas Hold 'Em, as well as three card draw games or Pai Gow poker.

7. Sports Betting

People bet on sports even without any money, but against their friends. This is one of the most popular things to do while actually watching a game. Having an official bet in will make things more exciting. In Malaysia Sports betting is not allowed with one exception – horse racing. However, bets must be made in person and on the venue. Luckily, online sports betting is not regulated, so anyone can do it.

malaysia sports betting

When compared to other forms of gambling, sports betting is more commonly accepted. At some point, the entire online industry will be regulated in Malaysia as well. Most experts believe sports betting will be the easiest fields to deal with.

Sports betting is not always available in a Malaysia online casino. In fact, most casinos focus on other kind of games. This one is usually available on specialized websites only. There are dozens and even hundreds of games on a daily basis, hence the necessity of a less generalized platform. On the other hand, most sports betting platforms do allow casino games or lottery tickets, but they are usually basic.

8. 4D Lottery

Lottery is the most popular gambling game in the world. It is available on both sports betting websites and online casinos in Malaysia. This is because lottery does not have too many variations. Users can gamble on more than just a local lottery.

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Lottery is almost always regulated by governments, rather than companies. It represents the only form of gambling that is regulated worldwide. Just like other casino games, the online type is not regulated in Malaysia. Bonuses can be huge – way bigger than in other games. As for skills, you do not need anything. Just think about your favorite numbers and go for it.

9. Bingo

You can play bingo in several ways. There are online casinos specialized in different types of bingo, but you can also find bingo opportunities in pretty much every Malaysia bet house. Playing bingo in a betting house does not give you too many options. Most of these online places focus on the most popular international types of bingo, such as the Italian or Australian bingo. On the other hand, bingo specialized online casinos will bring in dozens of different games.

Not only are they more diversified, but rules may also vary from one game to another. Plus, there are unique winning lines and opportunities, bonuses and special offers.

The bingo experience is not all about the winnings or interactions. It is also about the people and the experience. After all, anyone can play bingo – no experience, knowledge, skills or education required. Simply buy a ticket and start crossing numbers. Most online casinos in Malaysia also allow automatic bingo, so tickets get crossed automatically – no need to find and scratch numbers yourself.

Another thing that makes bingo so popular in Malaysia is the fact that you do not have to bet too much, but just a bit. This way, ending up with an addiction is less likely to happen.

10. Online Fishing

online fishing

Casino Fishing games are relatively new in the Malaysia online casino gambling world. Despite being new it’s popularity has shot through the roof. Why? By combining real money bullets and being a game of skill more than luck the player shoots realistic and colorful fish that come swimming out from all directions.

By competing with other players it adds on the chance that someone else may strike the jackpot by killing the big fish and you might be left talking about the one that got away!


Bottom line, almost every Malaysia online casino slowly gets there – the point of making everyone happy. The industry is still new in Malaysia, but pushing new upgrades on a regular basis keeps fueling it. However, no one knows what will happen if online gambling will ever be regulated in the country. In the meantime, as long as you choose to play with a trusted Malaysia online casino like QQclubs, you can rest assured of pure gaming enjoyment without