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Beginners guide to Malaysia online casino sports betting

Despite gambling being frowned upon in Malaysia, online sports betting is not too regulated. Therefore, unlike other countries where people can go to local casinos and gamble, Malaysians are forced to stick to the online activity. There is currently one classic casino allowed to operate in Malaysia and it is mostly recommended to tourists or those with deep pockets. All in all, when it comes to Malaysia online casino sports betting is one of the largest markets out there.

Sports Betting

Sports betting follows the exact same rules. While everyone places bets with their friends when watching games, doing it officially implies going online. Platforms like SBOBet, BTIand IBC allow betting on major and small leagues from a variety of countries. At the same time, it is perfectly possible to join online casinos. They can be used on computers, laptops and even smartphones.

However, just like in every place where gambling is strictly regulated, one must become familiar with their options before joining a Malaysia sports betting portal.

Quick Sports Betting Malaysia Guide for Beginners

When it comes to sports, Malaysians excel at badminton. It might be a rule in Asia, as Asian countries seem to dominate this sport. It’s no wonder that badminton sports betting is huge in Asia. However, when it comes to sports betting in Malaysia, most gamblers are obsessed with football. Betting is not limited to football though. More and more people seem to try their luck and discover other sports as well. For example, golf bets are quite popular, not to mention netball and hockey. According to statistics, the highest amounts of online bets occur when the Malaysian national football team plays.

Plenty of football betting is targeted at the local main league – Malaysia Super League. It is often referred to as M League and it represents the most important professional football division for men. It is administered by the FMLLP and currently has 12 teams. The lowest two teams are relegated to an inferior division. The league is relatively new compared to other leagues one can bet on. It was established in 2004 and multiple teams have won it so far. It is hard to tell who dominates it right now and this is exactly what makes it so exciting when it comes to betting.

Malaysia Badminton Sports Betting
English Premier League Sports Betting

The second most popular pastime is English Premier League betting. The Premiership is currently rated as the most watched league in the world – from one side of the world to the other. Just like the Malaysia Super League, it is extremely balanced and leaves room for plenty of surprises. Every bet is extremely challenging and may end up with an unexpected surprise. Other European leagues are also heavily bet on in Malaysia, yet these two seem to dominate the local industry at the moment.

Most people in Malaysia will watch one sport or another based on their preferences for fun. Many of them enjoy placing a bet every once in a while to add to its excitement.

Starting your adventure with a live casino Malaysia implies doing some homework. First of all, find a trusted online casino Malaysia, whether you are looking for actual sports betting or a more diversified portal that also includes online slots Malaysia, poker, bingo and others.

Remember that it is almost impossible to join a casino without taking advantage of a promotion bonus these days. Therefore, double check bonuses and even sign up for more websites. More currencies are accepted, including the local Malaysian Ringgit. Even large international websites allow the Malaysian currency because they are aware of how much potential this market has.

While most casinos rely on the classic decimal odd system, Malaysia has its own odd system as well. These odds are referred to as Malay odds and they are slightly different from the traditional option. Some international casinos may accept Malay odds. However, when you are dealing with Malaysia’s top online casino you are bound to find Malaysian odds being offered.

Sports Betting - Malaysian Odds Defined

Rise of ESports Betting

Another growth market for sports betting is the relatively new betting on online gaming like Starcraft, CounterStrike and League of Legends, also known as eSports Betting. With multi million dollar prizes and hundreds of millions of fans around the world, it’s no wonder that these online games have created their own leagues and compete at the global level.

Quick Deposits and Withdrawals at the Best Malaysia Online Casino

Almost every Malaysia online sports betting house will accept deposits in Malaysian Ringgit currency. Electronic payments are widely accepted too. It is worth noting that almost every casino has a low minimum amount limit, especially when it comes to electronic payments.

Withdrawals carry the exact same rules. First time verification for KYC & compliance reasons, and then it should be smooth sailing. You do not want any unexpected surprises as your money builds up and you get ready for a transfer.

On a more positive note, minimum payouts are slowly ditched away by most casinos. It is almost impossible to find such restrictions, but definitely not impossible.

Sports betting in Malaysian Ringgit

Popular Sports Betting Types

Now, what are the most popular types of sports betting you can do in Malaysia and how do they work?

1. Handicap Sports Best

The handicap bet is popular in pretty much every sport out there. As long as the sport is based on one team or player trying to outscore the other, handicap bets should be in play to even the field. While most beginners tend to bet on whoever they think will win the game, the handicap bet is a great choice as they decide to dig deeper and diversify their options. Unfortunately, it is often overlooked.

Sports Betting Handicap Betting

Feeling the game to be too close to call? You might find it hard to call the winner then. This is when you turn to handicap bets. They help you reduce risks by giving you the option to bet on a small winning margin. Obviously, odds will be smaller, but at least you have a higher winning chance.

The handicap market works in the other direction too. If you are almost sure of the winner, this bet allows you to push your odds.

2. Round Group Sports Bets

If boxing is your thing in sports betting Malaysia, round group bets should never be left behind. Forget about betting on who will win the game. However, this kind of bet requires some education. You will need to learn more about the fighters. Once you have it, the bet lets you take advantage of any trend that can be identified before the fight.

Boxing Round Group Bets

Here is how it works. Assuming that a fighter tends to start more aggressively, you can have them win the first three rounds. If they tend to get tired and lose by the end, you can bet they will win rounds 10 to 12. You do not need to go on every round, but just the ones that you know more about, so you can ditch the middle.

The risk is lower than if you bet on one round only. Besides, the market gives you the possibility to turn an obvious game into a more challenging and valuable experience.

3. Half Time Score Sports Bets

Half time score bets are available in more sports, but they are more popular in football. Most punters tend to choose who will win the game, but no one really thinks about who wins the first half, for example. What is the difference between half and full time bets? Full time bets allow more unexpected situations to occur because there is literally two times more time in the game.

On another note, half time score bets can be predicted. Here is an obvious example – in 2013, 30% of the games in the English Premier League finished 0-0 by half time. During the same year, 1-0 was the most popular final score – about 12% of all games. Statistics will definitely add to your predictions.

4. Two Ball Setting Sports Bets

Golf betting is also quite popular in Malaysia and knowing a few tips and tricks to boost your winning chances will certainly help. The two ball setting bet is highly recommended for this sport. After all, making profits from golf can be tricky in bets. While there are, indeed, a few players that seem to dominate, no one can predict the outcome of a game. The size of the field makes it impossible to determine who will win the game.

The bet allows reducing the risk by choosing the field you want to bet on. You are not betting on the entire game, but on the result on a certain part of the field only. In other words, a player is supposed to outscore a playing partner only. The two ball setting market allows making money out of average players who excel at certain shots.

Betting on Golf

5. Goals per Game Sports Bets

You can bet on the total number of goals per game in pretty much any sport that involves goals. You can bet on the first half or the second one. You can just as well choose whether there will be more or less goals than a certain limit. Your options are countless.

This option is even better when it comes to ice hockey. The game can be quite hectic. It goes at an extremely fast pace, not to mention line changes, an unusual penalty system and so on. You can barely tell who dominates the game. The best part about it? No one cares about all these when it comes to the goals per game bet. This is because the bet can be predictable in certain leagues. In 2013, 23 (out of 30) teams averaged five or six goals per game (counting both the goals for and the goals against).

Hot Bets on Football

Simply put, if you chose every game of that season as over 4.5 goals or under 6.5 goals, you would have made a fortune. It is all about statistics.

6. Match Winner Sports Bets

Baseball is not common at all in Malaysia, yet you can still find it in Malaysia sports betting houses. The match winner bet is a top choice of enthusiast gamblers at QQclubs. There is almost no difference between the team dominating the league and the one at the bottom. Betting against bookies has never been easier then.

This kind of technique is not about reducing risks or improving winning chances. It is about losing and winning at the same time. It is also about huge winnings and small losses. As a betting fan, what else can you ask for?


As a short final conclusion, sports betting in Malaysia has definitely skyrocketed over the last year. Almost all betting Malaysians do it over the Internet. It is the country with the highest percentage of punters doing it online versus offline.

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