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The Rise of Genting Casino

Historically, gambling in some form or other, has almost always been a part of human culture. From the ancient Greeks to the Romans, to the heady days of the ultra glamorous Vegas casinos, right up to our industry leading Online Casino Malaysia, people have found ways to wager on virtually anything that has a varied outcome. However, it also quickly came to be viewed as a vice; a habit that needs eradicating or at the very least placed under strict control. The real reasons however have never really been about the common man. Instead it is mainly because authorities everywhere quickly realised the considerable revenue that these places were generating and how effortlessly they seemed to draw people in to spend money. Of course they wanted a piece of this. It would require people of extraordinary vision and iron will to succeed in this environment and inevitably many failed. It therefore fell to the rare few who could push beyond these problems to create the wonderful world of casino entertainment that we know today. Vegas, Atlantic city, Macau are but a few of the names that instantly bring to mind the fantastic glitz and glamour that are synonymous with legendary casinos.

Here in Malaysia we of course have our own gem. Known the world over as a symbol of one man’s indomitable spirit, for us here one word is enough to light up our eyes: Genting. Even for those who have never even considered gambling, Genting Highlands is still a place that is universally known in our country and the world as one of the premier Casino destinations anywhere.

The Opportunistic Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong

It was in the early 60’s that the legendary Lim Goh Tong first identified the mountains surrounding the Malaysian capital as an ideal venue for recreational tourism. Considering the impenetrable nature of the jungles, very few people could have even imagined venturing into these hills, never mind building the roads and structures that we take for granted today. It took this visionary to realise that there was a combination of benefits unique to Southeast Asia that could bring success to this grand venture.

For one, gambling was already deeply ingrained in the psyche of the early immigrants. These were people for whom risk was second nature. As an immigrant himself, Mr Lim understood this all too well and set about realising his vision. Secondly, the love for his country meant he understood the urgent need to generate revenue for this newly independent nation. Malaysia had all the elements in place to become a world class tourist destination, but there was a yawning gap in the high end of this segment which was where the real money was. Luxury, glitz and glamour were in short supply in the 60’s and 70’s. It is interesting to note that even back then, it quickly became clear that reliable and convenient access was paramount to the success of this kind of venture, and thus Genting Casino was born.

This continues to be one of the top benefits of Online Casino Malaysia. It did not matter how ideal the location was if people struggled to reach it. This did not simply mean better physical access. The idea was that casinos should no more be the exclusive premise of the wealthy. The Genting founders knew that their route to success was designing a venue that appealed across the board. The first project here was a hotel and this quickly became a roaring success. Nothing like this had been seen in the region. A by-product of this choice of location meant that for the first time people from across peninsula Malaysia were connected by roads. The crowds started arriving. But we must remember these were still conservative times. Governments of the day were still busy cleaning up underground gambling dens and were firm about not having something like this in the city.

From Jungle to Glittering Gem

Nonetheless, Genting’s founder quickly noted that, despite its relative proximity to Kuala Lumpur, the fact that it was up in the hills meant it was far enough away to appear remote. This proved correct and sheer persistence from this legendary pioneer meant Genting managed to secure it’s gambling license. From here it became his mission to Develop Genting Highlands into a venue that would appeal across the board. It would never be enough to promote the place as simply a gambling venue. Genting had to attract everyone. This foresight would remain a hallmark of Genting’s growth and the promoters never relaxed in their mission to constantly evolve the venue to keep up with the times. As society developed and became more affluent, so the offerings up at Genting Highlands followed suit. Hotel space, being the foundation of getting customers and keeping them there, would multiply exponentially. Along with this there were ever more attractions developed to bring new customers in. Be it theme parks for children, restaurants, bars, the list would just keep growing. The parent group started to diversify outside of Malaysia, adding ever more properties and businesses to its already very impressive portfolio.

Despite all this however, the promoters never lost sight of their core business. Casinos. Everything else was designed around bringing in a constant stream of players to what were by now some of the most impressive casinos in the world. Malaysians were long since sold on the idea of this wonderful venue. But now it was steadily attracting considerable attention overseas. There were of course very attractive casinos in various parts of the world, but none had the ability to pull in people across the board. Genting was about the only place where an entire family of children, elderly and others with no interest in gambling could still enjoy themselves thoroughly while perhaps just one of the group would venture into the casinos. This had a further effect of drawing in people who were new to gambling. The sheer excitement and glamour of the place had the desired effect of drawing in novices.

This became evident towards the early 2000’s as following a worldwide recession, people all over started tightening their belts. The heady days of the 90’s were over and people were becoming much more focussed on getting the best value for their dollar. While the historically popular venues such as Macau started to witness a downturn in footfalls, Genting was still recording impressive growth. The ever growing variety of offerings once again proved to be a saving grace. Taking into account that the trends were now showing a higher ratio of revenue from the mass market compared to the VIP market, it was further confirmation that Genting had got their business plan spot on.

The Disruptive Force of the Internet

The advent of the internet was of course the big game changer. Once again the built in diversity of the Genting portfolio meant they would remain an industry leader. Their early focus on other kinds of entertainment put them in a much better place to combat the rise of Online Casinos in Malaysia and furthermore, unlike many other big casino venues around the world, the Genting promoters quickly realised that Online Casinos were here to stay.

Despite their best attempts, none of this could completely iron out some of the problems that were – and still are – inherent to land based casinos. One of the most understated issues with casinos worldwide was their lack of focus on women. Of course in the early days for cultural reasons and to keep in line with traditions, women were almost never seen alone in casinos. The few that did visit were almost inevitably accompanying men. The focus was far more skewed towards providing a comfortable place for men to gather and enjoy their gambling. Of course this did evolve allowing more and more women to begin feeling comfortable hitting the tables but till today it is still quite rare to see a woman venturing into a casino alone. Society, especially in Asia, simply does not view this as proper behaviour for a woman. In fact centuries of tradition mean that very often in this part of the world gambling venues are seen as inappropriate for anyone. These lingering societal pressures mean there are significant on people across the board – both women and men.

All this meant that as casinos were becoming more and more popular, authorities worldwide were also starting to become more stringent in approving licenses to these businesses. Operators had begun to exhaust their options when it came to making their venues more universally friendly. It was high time something came along to shake up the industry. And this is where Online Casinos came into their own.

Malaysia Online Casinos. The New Normal

With the advent of Online Casino Gambling in Malaysia, casino gaming suddenly opened the door for a new section of society. But the early offerings were simply not up to scratch. It was not until the rise of top Malaysia Online Casino like QQclubs that suddenly all of the barriers to entry for casino lovers were gone. A whole section of society that were once just onlookers could now enjoy all the benefits and excitement that came with casinos. Women, as mentioned before, could now play any of the games they loved without having to worry that they would be judged adversely. Even though it is now common to see women in the big casino venues, they still cannot shake the feeling of being watched and judged just for their mere presence at a gambling table. Besides this there were a range of issues that simply could not be solved by promoters of landed casinos. Chief among these was of course the cost of entry. These venues had always been designed to appear glamorous and had no choice but to maintain this image. There was an ingrained VIP culture where people visited for the gambling as much as the feeling of being among the so-called big boys. Most of these places, till today, maintain a strict dress code. This meant a customer had to actually plan their visit and as a result casinos lost out on significant revenue from casual gamers who might already be in the vicinity but could not play due to the restrictions. The casinos themselves, despite obviously wanting these potential sources of revenue, were themselves restricted by the image they had created and more importantly, the costs involved in running these immense venues.

So modern day casino promoters, despite having grown up admiring the wonderful vision of Malaysia’s favourite casino pioneer, quickly realised there was a whole section of society just waiting for reasons to play at Online Casinos.

At QQclubs we understand this better than most. We understand that despite a common love for casino games, people are different. There are those that do not enjoy the crowded venues at places like Genting or simply the increasing problems with reaching there. On any given weekend it is not uncommon to see long lines of cars snaking their way up the mountain. There are stories of people who have spent most of the day just trying to reach there, only to find further restrictions once they reach. Then there are those that simply are not comfortable getting all dressed up just to spend a night gambling. With our Trusted Online Casino Malaysia can come and join in without any hassle. With our diverse offerings games such as 918kiss or joker123 available on mobile devices, our clients can play anytime, anywhere without any of these problems. We do not stop here because as avid gamblers ourselves, we realise that players want to keep their money for the gambling table and we make this possible. At our Online Casino they can avoid all the incidental expenditure that adds up at a venue like Genting. Furthermore, as responsible casino promoters striving to become the undisputed Best Online Casino In Malaysia, we believe in passing on all the savings that come from being online. This is clear in the generous deposit bonus that we offer. We constantly look at increasing the benefits for our customers and in line with this we are always assessing and updating our promotional offers to keep up with our customers needs.