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Deposit Bonus Malaysia

Why are casinos such a draw? What consistently makes people repeatedly come back to play? These are some of the few questions that have always occupied casino operators, right from the early days to today’s Online Casino Malaysia. From the very earliest days of gambling, operators have understood the importance of creating various attractions that will entice customers back and make them stay. Building loyalty is the holy grail for almost any business but is especially important in the casino world.

In the early days Casinos of course had the upper hand. Back then these were highly desirable venues, populated by only the rich and famous. The sheer glitz and glamour of these places made them so highly desirable that half the work was already done for the operators. Despite their reluctance to allow just anyone to play, casinos were all to aware that they needed the numbers to make more money. However, this was never going to be a way to keep customers. Yes, at first people would be attracted by all the colour, noise and rich beautiful people. But this initial novelty factor quickly wore out. Once this was lost all that was left was someone who had – more than likely – lost money. The operators quickly realised that this would only lead to bad press. Not something a casino, even in those days could recover from quickly. Added to the scarcity of casinos was the fact that they were all owned by a small group of wealthy business people who wanted desperately to outdo each other. Even though the competition was nothing compared to the Malaysia online casino world of today, there was already rapidly growing competition and that meant operators would come up with more and more outlandish offers just to beat off the other fellow down the road.

The concept of Casino Comps very quickly became an essential requirement for casinos to exist, grow and bring in ever increasing profits. This was a time when there was very little ethics in business and these early casinos were no different – probably even worse. Comps were always advertised and portrayed as a way of rewarding the customer. In reality however, these early comps offerings were purely designed to keep players coming back. In fact in those days the majority of comps were designed around the biggest and most consistent losers. The operators realised that these were usually people with more than enough money and they just needed a little extra encouragement to keep gambling. Unlike the responsible promoters of modern Online Casino Malaysia, these early casinos had no hesitation in working on different formulas that would give their big players the illusion of great value, but in reality cost them almost nothing.

One of the old favourites was to offer basic rooms free of charge for those that appeared regularly but played small hands. While the room was free, the customer still had to pay a fee to enter the hotel or resort. Because these were the bulk of customers – and everyone knows that margins on hotel rooms are sky high – the establishments were not actually losing. In fact, coupled with the regular losses of these small time amateurs, they were very often making a killing. Part of these profits here could then be channelled towards providing far more expansive comps for the real big players. These lucky few were treated like royalty. Free drinks, free accomodation, fee waivers, personal tables, would become just a few of the methods that casinos used to keep these people coming back.

There were entire teams dedicated to personalising comps for particularly valuable customers. Aside from this, a majority of the customers had absolutely no say in what comps they received – if any. This was purely at the discretion of the casino operators and also meant that comps almost never took the individual customer into consideration. It was not uncommon for an old lady out for some excitement to receive a comp offering free seats for a boxing match. In many cases the casinos relied on people not using their comps. This also meant that anyone hoping to get anything extra had to concentrate on networking as well playing. Whether it was pit bosses or dealers, customers had to go about making friends and becoming a familiar face. Once again this meant having to be a regular and the casinos were only too happy to encourage this. The entire focus of these establisments was simply to make money in whatever way they could. This approach continued to work for a while, but with the steady growth and popularity of casinos, it could never last. More competition and growing sophistication among gamblers meant the writing was very soon on the wall for many of these old time casinos. While expecting customers to be loyal, they had forgotten that each person was different. Essentially, these places had forgotten that loyalty works both ways.

This kind of behaviour is totally different from online casino Malaysia in today’s world. The whole environment has changed completely Modern casino operators like us at QQclubs know that a customer can play anywhere, as many times as they want, all from a location they choose. Our seamless integration with mobile devices means that a player can leave as quickly as they arrive if we do not offer a world class product. As we have almost exclusively experienced the negative sides of landed casinos and some low quality online casinos, we understand only too well the concept of loyalty working both ways. Added to this, with the level of technology available, constant connections and huge competition, a bad name spreads instantly today and sticks permanently. We are also aware that because of the level and fair playing field today, it could be anyone trying out Online Casino Malaysia and we are keenly aware of our responsibility to provide a constantly evolving, responsible and fair product, this provides excitement and fun but importantly, good value.

At QQclubs we have a very clear ethos. Our mission is to provide a reliable, responsible platform with all the excitement and flair of the casinos of old, but none of the greedy habits that drove promoters of the past. As a group we are constantly evaluating our game offerings and Promotions to ensure that we only offer our customers an experience that we ourselves would enjoy. Despite the fact that at an Online Casino Malaysia we do not have the same space constraints or limits on how many players we can accommodate, we are very clear that each and every customer is a special one. And we want them to have the time of their lives trying out our games without immediately spending big. We know that it is imperative in the modern world that a customer must be given a generous incentive in order for them to keep coming back.

When you visit QQclubs we make it clear that there an overwhelming array of benefits available. Our carefully designed site clearly indicates what you can avail of from the moment you log in. Being experienced gamblers ourselves, it is not difficult to identify when and what are the times when a customer would benefit from our bonus offers. It is important to note here that we design our promotions no just with a view to convincing a customer to come back, but more importantly we want a happy customer who WANTS to come back.

Today almost every online casinooffers immediate bonuses. While many operators do not explain this properly, we want our clients to understand that these usually involve rollover requirements. What is this you say? Put simply, a rollover requires a patron to play a certain amount of times before they can take advantage of the promotion. While this allows us to safeguard against scammers who just want to quickly take the bonus and run, it can put off players if not designed properly with different customer needs in mind. At QQclubs, as one of the top Online Casino Malaysia, we understand that every customer is unique and therefore we take this concept further. We offer various sign-on bonuses suited to varying customer needs and this is all the way up to a 100% deposit bonus Malaysia. Unlike other sites, our deposit requirement, even for 100% deposit bonus are very low. Similarly, our rollover requirement, even here is among the lowest in the industry. Our variety of Welcome bonuses give our customers an unrivalled choice because above all, we do not believe in discriminating among people of different income levels. You are all special to us and because this is just the beginning of a player’s relationship with us, they must be allowed to make the best decision for themselves.

Then as you progress through our site we aim to get to know you better. An example of this is our Happy Birthday Bonus which players can make use of after a couple of months playing with us. We know that plenty of gamblers out there love nothing better than to drop in at our Online Casino Malaysia to try luck on their birthday. As this is your special day and a once in year event, we do not place any rollover requirement on your birthday gift and an exciting lucky draw will reveal which bonus you receive as a gift from us. Of course this is gambling. And we are always aware that the nature of the game is there will be winners and losers. While we take every opportunity to increase the chances of players experiencing some kind of win, we also never forget to look for ways to ease the burden of a loss and to constantly reward players who keep going.

A highlight of this is our variety of Cashback Rebates. These come in different forms and are either based on the level of losses incurred or dependent on the amount a player wages in any given session. Given our experience in this business, we know all to well the popularity of casino slot machine games. In the history of casinos this has always been one of, if not the most popular game overall. Consequently we offer casino slots bonus on certain days to reward our loyal customers. Of course at the end of the day the ultimate prize for any customer is a win. In this respect we are pleased to offer among the highest payouts of any online casino.

Deposite Bonus - Online Casino Malaysia

With the massive availability of online casinos today, we know that the customer is king. Gone are days when casinos can dictate terms.

At our Online Casino Malaysia we believe in taking things further. We understand competition but this is not our driving motivation. Our core belief – and what has always worked for us – is a complete dedication to customer satisfaction. There is simply no better way to build trust than to be transparent and honest in our offerings and to provide real value. Whether it is increasing a customers playing time so they enjoy themselves longer, or maximising their chances of winning something, we believe in constantly bettering ourselves when it comes to our customers. Of course it is to our benefit also if a customer plays longer and keeps coming back. But we do not want an unhappy customer who is just trying to recover losses. Gambling is meant to be the fun at all times and we never lose sight of this. We understand the power of communication in today’s environment and we strive to ensure that we create happy customers because we are here for the long term. We are not interested in making short term gains but getting a bad name in the process.

Keeping this in mind, we believe in always offering the very best promotions available in Online Casino Malaysia. We achieve this through a combination of our years of experience in this business and our constant analysis of customer requirements, always maintaining the customer as our top priority.

In the long and storied history of casinos you would be hard pressed to conjure up images in your mind that did not include the raw excitement that came with the slot machines. Before their introduction in casinos, these places were not much more than fancy gambling parlours filled with long faced men around tables. There is simply no escaping from the fact that at any of the legendary casino venues around the world, the excitement levels just would not be the same without the colour, and noise that accompany the slot games. They have always been a surefire way to bring in the crowds because, unlike almost any other casino game, there have traditionally been very few barriers to playing slot games. Unlike their more serious and complicated cousins at the tables, involving patience, calculation and gamesmanship, the slots have always been just simple but heady excitement. Anybody from the buzzing newbie on his first trip to the lights or an nice old lady just trying her luck could be the next winner. Promoters have always paid attention towards finding new ways to keep people at the slots with all manner of promotions and accumulated jackpots among other things.

However, there were still some of the barriers to playing slot games that were typical of casinos back in the day. Namely, you had to get to them. There simply wasn’t a casino within reach for the majority of people unless you lived in one of the few big centres. For the players and also for the operators this was not something they could change largely. Then came the internet. With the rise of technology, slots were one of the first games to transition into the virtual world. On hindsight you could almost say that slot games were destined for digital screens. The flashy screens, colours and noise could become so much more on this platform.

Despite their attraction in their time, the old slot machines just do not compare to today’s online slot games. Game developers have progressed to a point where the young modern player probably has not even heard of the old physical slot machines. Here at QQclubs we take our slot games seriously and as one of the most experienced operators in the Malaysia online casino world we have only selected the very best game providers for our clients. We bring you games from Playtech, Pragmatic, UC8, Amemba, 918kiss and of course Netent. You would waste a lot of time looking for a better collection of games. Incorporating a multitude of famous characters from the film world, to famous animated characters, to your local favourites, our slots games immerse you in worlds of fantasy and adventure that players have admitted they find hard to escape. Of course we all play these games with a focus on winning. But you really have to just sit down once and experience the incredible range of emotions that these games can invoke.

There are games that take you all the way back to your childhood with characters like Netent’s Fairy Tale Legends Red Riding Hood. Or for those who love superheros you have games like Playtech’s The Incredible Hulk. Incredible advances in technology mean that today’s casino slot machine games grab your attention long before the gambling starts. Just the intros on most slot games today are of such a high quality that a player can get wrapped up in a game almost immediately. The endless variety of choices mean players can customise their experiences in so many different ways that long after you have started playing, every new game feels like a fresh start. The excitement is non-stop, regularly highlighted with in-games animations and live action backgrounds which are so incredibly like-like in their detail that you really have to see it to believe it. Of course these games never lose sight of their fundamental goal and that is the actual game itself. There is such an incredible array of choices and competition today that games have to deliver on multiple levels or risk dropping down the ranks.

For every top ranking game, there are countless out there which have just not cut it at the very top level and subsequently disappeared quickly. With our experience in this industry you can be assured that we only bring you the best because as we always say, we love playing the games we offer. Among Malaysia online casino we are already known to regularly deliver the highest payouts in the gaming world. This cannot be achieved without the standard of games on offer. From your very first attempt at any of our slot games, regardless of which, you will find incredibly intuitive controls that can be mastered in no time.Where in the past there was just the 3 lines and your one jackpot, modern slots have so many different ways for player to win. A player can independent adjust the size of bets to almost any quantity, offering a versatility that allows for players of all ranges to take part with total peace of mind.

Online casino slots

The versatility does not end there because the games also allow for players to select the number of active slots. While ensuring you never get bored with the same old routine, this also serves to significantly increase chances of winning. And who doesn’t love that? Of course one of the hallmarks of the best game providers is that they have approached the games with a view to including as wide a spectrum of players as possible. One example of this is that despite the seemingly endless variations on offer, they still include the old classic. Those of you yearning for a taste of the old days can still find what you’re looking for. With the three lines and old fruit themes among others, you will be transported back to another time. Here below we would like to go into a little more detail regarding just a few of the top games on offer.

When you are talking casino slot machine games, the conversation will quickly turn to Netent. As one of the pioneers in this industry and with a range of outstanding quality, this company sets standards that many others can only hope for. With years of experience in the land based casino industry, their knowledge of the industry meant they were ideally placed to take advantage of the rapid technological advances in online gaming. And this they did. Known the world over for their ultra reliable and secure platforms, they have games that consistently rank at the very top for slot games. Despite its position in the gaming industry the company does not operate an independent casino of its own, instead focusing solely on its content. The end result is a company so confident in their product that they publish the RTP for a significant number of their offerings. Added to this, Netent is know to offer possibly the highest progressive jackpot in the industry. Unique to their video slots, the company offers two levels of jackpot. The smaller of these is the local jackpot which, while still being a progressive jackpot, as the name suggests, it is restricted to the one casino. Then there is the real jewel which is the Network jackpot. This is a simultaneous accumulation of jackpots from a number of casinos thus boosting the jackpot amount exponentially. As a player, you would need no further explanation as to why this is so popular. For those wondering if this is just a gimmick, we must point out here that this company’s network jackpot holds the current and former records for the highest payout ever. At €11.7million in 2011 and then €17.8 million a mere 2 years later, it is clear this company puts its money where its mouth is.

Another industry favourite is Playtech. Initially viewed as a smaller player only a few years ago, they have grown in leaps and bounds and stand proud among the very best game developers available. While they do have some classic offerings, their speciality is the video slots. The immense popularity of this company among online casinos is evidence enough of their quality, reliability and safety. An exclusive tie-up with Marvel means this is the place for those lovers of comic book superheroes. While the flawless gameplay and crisp graphics are not surprising for a developer of this calibre, it is the immense variety on offer that makes them so appealing. Of course this would not be enough if the payouts were not what they were and on this they score equally well, regularly paying out among the highest jackpots in the industry. Along with Netent, they have also made a seamless progression into mobile gaming and you can now confidently enjoy these offerings on a device of your choice. Among games available on a mobile platform we also have the excellent 918kiss. It can only be a matter of time before game developers are all forced by market forces to produce their own mobile platforms. So it is encouraging that the very best in the industry have already taken this step.

Aside from these Western game developers, there is also the fast growing UC8 which has met with our approval. An asian developer, this company’s fast growing list of games is being snapped up by online casinos everywhere.

We would be doing you a disservice if we didn’t elaborate on the outstanding highlight of our slot games and this is the progressive jackpot. While this is not unique to slot games, the constant gameplay coupled with the constant action, creates an unparalleled level of excitement with slots. For the novices here, this is when the jackpot just keeps growing for every round that does not produce a winner. Of course this would mean nothing if there was little chance of hitting the jackpot. But statistics do indicate that somebody hits the progressive jackpots every eight weeks or so. When you also take into account the massive potential amounts available, you would struggle to find a player who would not be swayed to try and win this.

In the incredibly advanced world of technology today, we are only too aware of the risks involved. It is therefore of great comfort to us that these game providers don’t stop with just their top notch offerings. Far from it. They also lead the way when it comes to regulation. We are talking about developers that voluntarily maintain the highest standards in fairness and safety. Subjecting themselves to regular audits by independent testing facilities, these are companies that are supremely confident in their products.

Let’s face it though, we could go on all day describing our games to you because we love them. There are quite simply too many games with too many variations about them for us to list them all here and you certainly didn’t come here for that. Casinos are all about the experience and nothing comes close to epitomising that like slot games. We don’t have to tell you that this is just a tiny example of what is waiting for you in the incredible world of QQclubs casino slot machine games. In fact it’s safe to say that this introduction to our slot games barely scratches the surface of what is waiting for you. We are absolutely confident that whatever your level of experience, there is something here for you. If you are a first timer on here, you need to look no further than the slot games. No other area in gambling makes it as easy and instantly enjoyable. And when you consider that you are in control from the time you decide your bet, you can see that our game providers go to great lengths to give you that chance to walk away happily. From our point of view as avid gambling enthusiasts we can honestly say we’re hooked. So just grab a deposit bonus, and let’s get playing!